I had a weird situation this year where some joint bank accounts that I shared with my husband were over drafted and closed (long story, but he did some shady stuff with our account). Because of this, I have had trouble opening other bank accounts. I tried to open two different accounts at 2 different banks to separate my finances from him and both were closed by the banks due to internal audit procedures after the account had been opened. Because credit unions are different, I was finally able to open an account there. That brings me to today, it is now open enrollment time at my job and I am trying to decide between HSA and HRA. I have read all about benefits of both and I am leaning towards the HSA, but I am worried that I am going to choose the HSA during open enrollment and then once the account is opened, it will be closed because the bank that holds the account will run whatever background check they run that tells them that I am a risky customer. Anyone have any experience in this department?

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