A good friend of mine is having a problem. She has an active claim with ST disability away from work and will be out maybe a few months more. It’s with a well known company in the industry.

The doctor is pretty shady and decided for whatever the reason to falsify a date of service. The doctor isn’t getting paid from the co. at all, just from the patient. Not sure if that really matters, but just including it for context.

The visit content is extremely compromising. (clearly, that was the intent) It was done at the very end of the relationship. The doc made it seem she was present and even did a full exam. It basically says the patient is now completely well, healthy and everything is A OK. My friend has since switched docs for continued treatment, not just due to this issue but other unethical behavior.

She sent a notice to shady doc stating they were not there for that date, and the info for that day is inaccurate and to amend the chart but is worried about what when the company finds out the doc essentially committed fraud, the claim could be cancelled.

How might they handle this issue? Any insight is appreciated

Thanks all

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