Best strategy to get more coverage for IVF? Starting federal job, can pick a health insurance plan soon. Currently on wife’s health plan. Massachusetts

I have been researching the federal government health insurance plans available. There are many options. Blue Cross Blue Shield seems to be a popular option because many doctors accept it. I have not yet selected a federal government health insurance plan yet

She was working with Boston IVF and will probably use them

My memory is that she froze some eggs in the last few years as a backup.

It seems that her health insurance (UniCare State Indemnity Plan, GIC , will not cover all of IVF, and out of pocket costs could be somewhere between 5000-10,000 USD. We were trying to get a clear answer from Boston IVF on the phone, but they said it depends on the situation.

I am trying to figure out if I can get health insurance also if there is some kind of way to have my second health insurance cover the remaining IVF costs (ex: if I would need to put her on my health insurance plan too)?

And I am trying to figure out which plan to get I am trying to figure out what questions to ask Boston IVF to gather information on what costs are not covered by her insurance and then figure out which plan to select based on their answers.

Currently, I am on her health insurance plan (which she has through UMass Medical School, her employer) and I have not yet selected a government health insurance plan.
Right now, she is opposed to the idea of me getting a health insurance plan now in addition to being under her, but I have not yet brought up the above idea to her. It may change her mind.

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What questions would you ask Boston IVF to figure out what costs are not covered? I am trying to understand the situation enough to be able to pick a good federal government health insurance plan to cover the remaining costs

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