Here Are Some Of The Worst Dealer Stories We've Covered

Here Are Some Of The Worst Dealer Stories We've Covered

It starts with a C6 Corvette Grand Sport that Driven Autoplex, the dealer of performance cars, was selling. Advanced Modern Performance (AMP), the tuner shop, was interested in the car, and so sent two of their employees out to check out the car.

The AMP employees wanted to take the car back to their shop to inspect it, but Kevin Lindsey, owner of Driven Autoplex, asked them to just check out the car on location, and offered the use of their workbay and lift to do so. AMP’s employees agreed, and the ‘Vette was placed on the lift so the AMP employees could inspect the car.

Here’s where it gets weird. One of the AMP employees asked Kevin to come out to look at the car AMP brought for a potential trade-in, and while Kevin was out with the employee and looking at the trade-in, the other employee, named Sergey, was inspecting the Corvette.

So, what happened here—and these facts are not disputed by either side—is that Sergey cut the oil filter in half, took a bag of metal shavings out of his pocket, and then filled the oil filter with metal shavings, which would make it seem as though the ‘Vette’s engine was in very bad shape indeed.

This story gets weirder and has an even weirder update. You can check it out here.

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