Can I pay for a test even if I have Medi-Cal?

I currently have Medi-Cal in Los Angeles. I am currently waiting to make an appointment for Bariatric Surgery.

However, one of the tests I need to do before I can set the date for the operation is a Heart Echocardiogram. I’ve done every other test that I have been asked for (all required authorizations), but the Cardiologist appointment was so far ahead when I made it. My appointment for the Echo is in December. I was hoping to get everything done by the end of October to possibly have surgery in December because that’s the only time I’ll have time off from school and work.

My question is, can I go to a cardiologist (who doesn’t take Medi-Cal) and pay out-of-pocket for the Echo so I can get it done sooner even though I’m on Medi-Cal?

Would this cause a problem if I pay those few hundred dollars for that test? Someone told me this could be considered fraud, but I thought that was odd, since I wouldn’t be taking extra money, I’d actually be doing the opposite. I just want to do this so I can have my surgery sooner.

If anybody has any insight on this, please comment!

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