Cheap insurance with advanced supply of meds recommendations

This is my first time having to find insurance myself instead of just going with whatever my employer offers. I’ve paid so much to the insurance companies over the years, but haven’t used it much, and recently came down with a serious long term condition that isn’t covered by insurance but is costing me a lot, so now I’m bitter about having to pay for insurance at all. I’d like the cheapest option available to me.

However, I also take medicine for acne that was covered by my last couple insurance plans. Ever since I became a trucker and got on the trucking company’s plan, it allowed me to take this out 3 months in advance just as long as the doc prescribes enough refills. Is there anything like that with regular insurance? United Healthcare didn’t allow that before I got on their trucker plan. I’m still a trucker but no longer a company driver so don’t qualify for that same plan anymore, but 3 or more months of supply will still be necessary. The more the better.

I’d also prefer something that has an HSA as I’m using that as another retirement account.

Gender: Female, age: 36, state: Arizona, expected income: 190k

Thanks in advance if anyone knows of something that will fit.

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