Choosing between plans – any help?

Man, I have no clue what I’m doing. Just looking for advice on which plan to choose here. Any help?

So, my employer is providing two different options. Without giving too much detail (who cares?), I will break down the basics.

First is a United Health Care Plus Plan coming in at $220 a month:

Deductible: $500
Out-of-pocket limit: $2,500
PCP and specialists visits: $20
Everything else (surgery, facility fees and so on): 20% coinsurance

Second is a HSA plan at $100 a month. The company will match what I put in the savings:

Deductible: $1,600
OOP Limit: $3,000
PCP and specialist visits: 10% coinsurance
Everything else: 10% coinsurance

So, here are my overall thoughts (and I could be both ignorant and wrong) – the monthly cost/10% increase in coinsurance makes a helluva difference. If something catastrophic were to happen, I would just have to front the $1,600 and then pay significantly less on the coinsurance.

Seeing as I will save $100 a month on it, that should end up being net positive, right? I mean, if it was a matter of “Hey, you need surgery… You have to front $1,600 instead of $500, but then the rest will be lower, that seems like a better move, especially with the $1,200 I save a year.

I also am not on any medications or anything, so that helps. I WAS thinking about looking into a surgery that I may need, so that could make a difference…

I just don’t see why anyone would pay the extra $100 a month? Can someone explain why the first would be beneficial at all? If I were to go to the doctor once a month (a big stretch), I would be paying somewhere around $100 for the visit, that of which I saved from being on the cheaper plan.

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Any thoughts or insults are welcome, lol.