Infiniti QX Monograph Concept debuts at Pebble Beach looking large

Infiniti QX Monograph Concept debuts at Pebble Beach looking large

The Infiniti QX Monograph Concept is here, and it sure presents like a veiled look at the next Infiniti QX80 SUV to us. Now, Infiniti didn’t make any allusions to the QX80 in its announcement at Pebble Beach, but the full-size dimensions and general shape tell us pretty much everything we need to know.

This reveal is also a continuation of Infiniti’s “Monograph” line of concept cars with the most recent one being the QX60 Monograph. That concept previewed what would become the production QX60, suggesting that this next Monograph concept will do the same for the larger QX80.

As for the details of this particular design concept, Infiniti went into great detail about all its elements. Starting up front, the grille is meant to evoke a bamboo forest with its gentle arcing lines surrounding the new Infiniti logo. Meanwhile, the black finish and surround hint at the power found behind it — Infiniti didn’t say what this concept is powered by, but we fully expect the next QX80 to have a gasoline engine situated under the hood. Flanking the grille are the lights that Infiniti says feature its “digital piano key” design and both “welcome” and “farewell” animation sequences. Since the headlights and DRLs are separated, Infiniti went ahead with that intricate “piano key” look for the DRLs to create a distinct signature. They wrap from the grille to around the side of the front bumper in an attempt to emphasize the width and height of the QX Monograph.

You really get a sense of the QX Monograph’s size from its side profile. It has a vast monotone greenhouse that visually separates itself from the body by being painted entirely in black. The minimalist styling Infiniti says it used for this vehicle is best seen from this angle. It has electric door handles that pop in and out to create an uninterrupted look all the way down the side of the SUV. Meanwhile, the massive wheels bring some visual pizazz to the whole package. They’re machine-finished wheels with both black and red accents arcing through, and Infiniti says its design inspiration for them was wind turbines. And on the topic of paint, Infiniti says it developed a new hue called Akane for this concept. It’s difficult to tell in photos, but the six-layer paint glows in the sun in an attempt to mimic “a warm glowing red sunset as it transitions into a dark night sky.” Of course, in most conditions, it’ll likely just look gray.

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As for the QX Monograph’s rear end, Infiniti applied a full-width taillight design, giving the lamps themselves a smoked finish that only illuminates red when switched on. It’s from this angle that the concept most resembles the current QX80, and we fully expect the next one to take inspiration from the concept.

If you’re on the Monterey Peninsula this week, you’ll be able to see the QX Monograph Concept at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

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