Cobra Terminated (on accident), how to enroll/buy insurance out of Open Enrollment?

A close friend of mine thought they had Cobra on autopay, thinking they had been paying since January. It was provided as they quit their old job. Today they found out that the autopay wasn't running, and that the coverage had been terminated. The last payment was in January.

This was discovered as they were in the process of trying to apply to Covered California. They were told that they can't enroll because the termination (not expiration) of Cobra isn't a Qualified Life Event (QLE). The situation now is that they have no insurance, despite running a thriving personal business (~$70,000-$85,000 per year).

Covered California said that they were ineligeble to apply, and it looks like none of the QLE's qualify for them. Is there ANY way for them to buy into insurance? They realized they messed up, but it seems crazy to me that they can't pay good money to get on insurance.

Covered California said that they were referred to our local county, but my friend is feeling deflated right now that nothing will come of that. Does anyone have any advice? Friend is in San Jose/Santa cruz area.


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