Continuity of care for mental health therapy – changing health plans

Location: NYC, NY 10016

Current health plan: Healthfirst Bronze Premier, Marketplace.

New health plan, effective Nov 1: United Oxford Liberty EPO (no OON benefits), Employer.

My health plan will be changing because my spouse got a new job and the insurance is much better and more affordable for the 2 of us than our current marketplace plan.

I have been seeing the same therapist (routine office mental health) for about 4 years, in-network with Healthfirst.

She and her office are not in network with the new United Plan. Just stopping therapy suddenly is not something I feel comfortable with.

Does continuity of care apply to this kind of service? Would I get 90 days, or something else? I’ve also been doing via telehealth since Mar 2020 if that matters. But in person is possible.

If so, how would I go about setting this up? Who do I contact and in what order, and what do I ask for exactly?

The billing dept at the therapists office is a dumpster fire and cannot ever do anything right so I’m hoping all the responsibility does not fall on them.

Thank you.

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