American Tourists Get Nissan Juke Stuck On Walking Path, Cementing Our International Reputation As Bumbling Idiots

American Tourists Get Nissan Juke Stuck On Walking Path, Cementing Our International Reputation As Bumbling Idiots

A Nissan Juke like the one that got stuck in Wales, except the real Juke was white.Photo: Nissan

I would like to think that we’re well past the point where people blame their GPS for their driving mistakes, but sadly, that is not the case. We’ve got yet another American tourist making the news because they got their rental car stuck somewhere it should not have been.

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This time, American woman wedged a Nissan Juke into a narrow walking path in Wales. The BBC reports the incident took place in Tenby, a small seaside town in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Two American women driving a Nissan Juke (a car that’s still for sale over there) were trying to get to St. Catherine’s Island, which, from the pictures I’ve seen, does look lovely and very much worth a visit. At some point, they drove onto a footpath that usually has a bollard blocking access and just kept driving until they couldn’t drive any further. And by “couldn’t drive any further,” I mean wedged so tightly between two stone walls that it took hours to get the car out. They, of course, blamed the GPS.

Getting the car free involved some initial prep work on Thursday night, but it wasn’t until Friday morning that they were able to actually get the car unstuck. But because they couldn’t risk damaging the historic and protected stone walls, the actual extraction took nearly five hours.

“No one’s ever got a vehicle down there before,” Stephen Lowe told the BBC. “[The walls were] touching on both sides of the car. They got it wedged and they just put more power on.” He also added, “There’s normally a bollard on the footpath but that was out at the time, and they went onto the footpath. We had to winch the car backwards all the way using a winch right at the top of the path.”

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As for the two American tourists who got the car stuck in the first place, they apparently abandoned the car and took a train back to their hotel. It seems we’ll just keep bumbling our way across the world. In fact, it hasn’t even been six months since a tourist in Hawaii drove her van into a harbor because her GPS allegedly told her to.