Copay info wrong on marketplace – any recourse?

I recently signed up for insurance through the marketplace after losing my employer sponsored insurance due to my resignation. There were two main things that guided my decision in choosing a plan. One of them being the copay for mental health services as I have therapy every 2 weeks so it’s definitely my most used service in terms of health insurance.

The plan I chose stated these services would be “$40 from day 1” on the table, as well as in the “plan documents” that are linked in the chart. But when I signed up and got my account with that insurance company, in that account it states that these services have a “50% coinsurance after deductible” which is a big difference from a $40 flat fee.

Just wondering what I can do (probably nothing I’m sure) because this kind of p!ssed me off tbh. Paying $86 every 2 weeks is quite different from $40 every 2 weeks. I emailed the insurance pointing this out and they just said sorry and that I have the right to file a grievance, which is just a formal way to tell them I’m unhappy. Okay… and then what?

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