Couldn’t afford premium. Need coverage for mental health ASAP

I had a good health plan I got through MNSure during the open enrollment period. However, some life situations happened where I couldn’t afford the premium. I lost coverage.

I tried to reapply and use the special enrollment period exceptions. I moved cities, but still live in Minnesota. However, I was told because I voluntarily stopped paying, I don’t qualify for the special enrollment period.

My income level did drop, but I am self employed, so I am unsure how to provide proof. I also have a dependent more than half the time, but I did not claim him on taxes last year, so he doesn’t count as part of my family. If he was, my income would be low enough for my family size to get coverage whenever.

I have severe mental health issues. I need to maintain my medication management and therapy. I also have a son I need to have preventative care at the bare minimum.

What are my options? I looked into short term health insurance, but it looks like it’s very limited in what it will cover. Is my only option to wait until open enrollment again and get coverage in January?

Thank you so much!