Creative solutions for paying for a major surgery

Hi – I apologize in advance if these are dumb questions. I am trying to think creatively for my situation.

I buy insurance (Ambetter) directly through the company, as opposed to via the marketplace. It’s fine but 0% out of network coverage and they have zero surgeons in network who do the surgery I need.

Are there any other insurance companies you can buy directly from in Texas that cover any percentage of out of network doctors and surgeries at any level?

Even 10% coverage of out of network costs would be significant savings. I think the surgery plus night in the hospital could be anywhere from $150,000 to $200,000 or more without insurance.

is it possible or has anyone ever bought two insurances for themselves from two separate companies, with both having out of network (OON) coverage? I know this would be $ but then I am thinking the OON insurance coverage from both companies could end up significantly decreasing the overall cost of the expensive surgery.

(I’m thinking of how when you are married your insurance will cover so much of a procedure, and then your spouse’s insurance covers the rest, but I would be trying to do that for just myself, as a single person.)

I once had a coworker tell me their spouse got a significant discount- 1/3 off I think-for a knee surgery, simply by offering to pay the whole cost upfront in cash. does anyone know who you would talk to in order to negotiate this? Would it be the hospital social worker, a regular patient advocate, hospital billing, doctor’s office, all of the above? Is this even still a thing or has it been discontinued? (I heard this about ten years ago)

Thank you if you read this and have any insights or thoughts.

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