How come the community health center said my insurance was inactive?

So I went to a community health center to receive STD testing. They said my insurance was inactive. I thought oh that’s weird, and they had me fill out all this paperwork, and I received this card that says “Health Access Programs” on it, and I think it’s part of something called “California Family PACT”? Anyway they told me the HIV test is free, but I can use the card for the STD testing. So were they treating me as uninsured?

Then they told me the STD testing lab already closed and to schedule another appointment. I did that, then went home and called my insurance to see if it was active. Turns out, it is still active, and the customer service agent found that strange.

They called the center on my behalf and it turns out that there was a mix up, but apparently it’s all settled now and the center will correct my info? Something about me having a PPO, I can’t remember everything I was told…

First of all, I hope the worker doesn’t get in trouble or anything. I’m sure it was just an error within their computer system right? And also, I don’t think I filled out all of the info on all 10 pieces of paperwork they gave me. Like family size, income, I didn’t put anything for those, and others. And I also didn’t understand some questions so I guess I just answered to the best of my ability. I actually ended up canceling that STD testing appointment. I think I might go to a different community center. The whole mix up just made me uncomfortable, and I don’t want anyone to get charged money that shouldn’t be charged money. I’m not uninsured. I have insurance, as the agent confirmed with me and also told me it’s been resolved with the center. I still feel uncomfortable though, so I’ll go somewhere else. I don’t want an employee to get in trouble.

What do I do with the Health Access Programs card? Can I just cut it up with scissors and throw it away? Or do I need to physically hand it over? I know it’s not a credit card or anything, it’s merely an ID card. I just want to make sure there are no “charges” associated with it. Since the HIV testing was free and the STD testing is not, and I haven’t reschedule my STD testing appointment, there are no “charges” associated with that ID card right?