My partner and I have been together for 15 years come this summer. The main reason we never got married is because he has Medicaid and a lot of health issues. This past week he’s suddenly had acute pancreatitis (I’m sitting in my car outside the emergency room as I type this), possibly from a reaction to his ulcerative colitis medication, and last night he was in the greatest pain of his life.

I’m worried that if his condition worsens, becomes chronic, etc, I won’t have any of the privileges given to a spouse (visitation, power of attorney, etc), but it looks like a domestic partnership would grant those. Thus far I’ve been able to accompany and/or visit him in the hospital, but he’s not been officially “admitted” for any treatments yet. Just ER and normal scheduled appointments.

I know his biggest fear would be accidentally compromising his Medicaid eligibility, bc if he didn’t have it we would be 100s of thousands if not 1mil+ in medical debt. He also desperately wants to be married (it’s less important for me though it would be nice), so this could be a good compromise given everything.

Has anyone been kicked off their Medicaid for being a domestic partner? I don’t make a ton of money, just enough to keep both our heads above water, but too much to qualify if we were hitched.

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