"Insurance Pending" from Quest Diagnostic for 2 months, but insurance claims they processed the claim. Quest claims they never received a payment from insurance!?

This has been a Kafka-esque pain in the ass for weeks now. My PCP ordered a blood test that I received at Quest. The claim was sent to my insurance (CareFirst BCBS of MD), which processed it in mid-Feb, whereupon I received an EOB: $15 co-pay, with the rest of the ~$500 bill covered by the insurance and the insurance discount.

However, Quest has yet to update this on my account, which stills states "Ins Pending" on the bill. I called them to ask what is going on, to which they respond that they never received a payment from my insurance.

I then called my insurance, which insisted that they had paid and the claim processed on Feb 16 (EOB issued and all). I called Quest again, who said they would resubmit the claim. I called my insurance, who said they never received the resubmitted claim and repeated the claim had been paid. I called Quest again, who told me to email them the EOB, which I did. They said they would update the bill as paid in 24-48 hours. It's been a week and the bill has yet to be updated.

I don't want this $500 bill to go to collections since it's been paid by my insurance except the co-pay (according to the EOB). This is clearly Quest's fault but they're being terrible about it. Has anyone else experienced something similar, and if so, how on earth did you resolve it?

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