First time going on a New Jersey ACA plan after lifetime of employer covg. Will I be able to use BC/BS drs out of state ??

We’re going to choose the NJ Horizon Omnia Silver Value plan with great subsidies due to retirement. We will be out of state several times a year and there is no out of network coverage. I’m confused as to whether in network is specifically limited to doctors in NJ who are contracted specifically to Horizon Omnia Value plan, or whether BC/BS providers in other states would be considered in or out of the network. I already noticed an orthopedic group we’ve used isn’t listed on the NJ healthcare lookup as in network, but when I go to the Horizon site they are listed as tier 1. It’s hard to know (on the Horizon site) which specific plans the drs are in network with. I can’t believe the number of different versions of Omnia Silver there are!! (silver value, silver, silver 10/15, silver local value and silver advantage!) . I do understand that emergency services would be covered out of network, but what if we get sick or injured while away from home? Seems like they should make this more clear for people.