What to do as both I and my insurance both have paid to the doctor?

My mother, as a short-term tourist in the USA, had an office visit to a doctor in New York City. Though she had a short-term insurance for foreign tourists, the doctor’s office required her to pay the full amount upfront. So she paid 300$ and saw the doctor. Then she filed a claim with the itemized bill and the payment proof to her insurance. The insurance sent a reimbursement check directly to the doctor’s office and the check was cashed.

Now I have contacted the doctor’s office to let me them transfer the reimbursed amount to me. The office told me I should ask their billing department, giving me an email address and a telephone number. I sent multiple emails to the address and never got a response. The telephone number is never answered, and the voice mail box is already full, and refuses to record new message. So basically it is impossible to contact their billing department.

What should I do now? Is there any government agency with which I can file something against them, to push this thing forward?

Thank you all!