Getting charged surprise $6000 for pathology

So, I had a colonoscopy done a few weeks ago at an in-network facility (outpatient) with an in-network doctor. It was all covered, I paid my copay, no problems. I even called my insurance ahead of time to double-check. Yes, they assured me, everything was in-network. Of course the facility knew all my insurance details and which labs were accepted – they had my insurance card and access to that info.

Then I check my online claims page and I see that pathology for some biopsies done during the colonoscopy was not in-network and I might be charged $6000! Holy shit.

Now I haven't received a bill yet but I'm already getting panic attacks.

What is the best way for me to proceed? Should I call the insurance as soon as possible or do I wait to get a formal bill? Should I just go straight to my attorney? If I am ultimately liable is there any way I can bring down the cost? $6K for pathology is borderline outrageous.

I live in New York State if there's any relevant laws or protections I might have.

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