Parallel Pre-Authorizations vs. Only One

Insurance: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Idaho, PPO

I am a candidate for a procedure (bone-borne adult jaw expansion) that my doctors say will address my sleep apnea. Due to the nicheness of the procedure, the three providers that can offer this in the U.S. are all out-of-network.

So far, I have worked with one of these three who has submitted a pre-authorization to my insurance. I have consultations scheduled with the other two, and would like them to submit pre-authorizations as well. I have an appeal ready for all 3 in case insurance asks why I am not going in-network.

Ultimately, I will go with the procedure where I have to pay the least out of pocket, which I will only know after the insurance evaluates each claim (since the allowed amounts may be different). Will having three submitted pre-authorizations from these providers in parallel cause any issues w/ the individual acceptance / denial of each?

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