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My wife is joining my employer sponsored health insurance plan starting in the new year. We have a baby on the way, due in April, so we know we will reach the deductible. We are trying to figure out which plan is going to save us the most money and I'm unsure how to calculate that. Any feedback is greatly appreciated as I've outlined the plan options below.

Demographics: both mid 30s in excellent health. Wife is a physician but her clinic is closing at year's end which is why she needs to jump onto my plan. I work in sales for big pharma. We reside in Colorado.

UHC Choice Plus ($228.23/pay period) UHC High Deductible with HSA Choice Plus ($118.79/pay period) UHC High Deductible Choice Plus ($56.10/pay period, my current 2023 plan) Deductible$800 Deductible$3,400 Deductible$4,200 CoinsurancePlan Pays 80% CoinsurancePlan Pays 80% CoinsurancePlan Pays 80% Out-of-Pocket Maximum$7,500 Out-of-Pocket Maximum$8,550 Out-of-Pocket Maximum$8,550 Annual Employer Account Contribution$0 Annual Employer Account Contribution$1,000 Annual Employer Account Contribution$0

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