(CO) I pay ~$500 a month for insurance working part-time; options if I leave my job?

I am just exhausted. My job as a CNA has become overly difficult for me physically. I want to leave and only focus on school. Questions: I have a complex medical history and need an MRI or CT scan 1X a year and an ECHO 2X a year. Each copay for these tests are $300. My total take home pay is roughly $1200 per month (after health insurance and taxes) from my job working 26 hours per week. I have too much savings to qualify for Colorado Peak insurance benefits. My income was $13,000 last year and I pay $1000 per month in rent. I’m spending my savings on food and other bills. I own a condo (it was my primary for 2 years) that I started to rent out because it cashflows ~$600 per month. What would make the most sense, because I think the exhaustion from my job and being a full-time student, has been making me stressed and sicker. What was the point of saving to afford being a student if I can’t qualify for affordable health insurance.

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