Health Insurance.

Can anyone help me with health insurance question. Thanks in advance.

Family – me, my wife & 1 y old baby.

We are in California.

Income 55K (last year) self employed

Me and my wife have insurance from CoveredCA (LA Care) (I guess we pay not full amount of coverage, some percentage paid by CoveredCA.

My baby has – medical.

Now My wife with baby need to move to Florida, but I'll stay here in California.

How we need to set up everything correctly and how they will show income in Florida if she doesn't work now and I'll be staying here in CA.

Health insurance it's complicated question for us bc not fully understand how does it work in US.

btw I haven't used insurance ever and hopefully won't in near future. But I need insurance for my baby and for wife (after pregnancy visits).

Please help with this. Thank you to nice people in advance

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