High-deductible plans really aren’t worth it anymore

I have always done HDHPs since getting my first "real" job back in 2012. I remember my first one was a $2000 deductible with the same OOP max. The premium was like $30 a pay period and the company kicked in $750 a year to your HSA. This was great.

With my last job, the HDHP offered was a $2800 deductible, but the OOP max was now $4500 with coinsurance. I had to go to the ER for chest pains one night and ended up with a bill of $3300 despite getting the insurance company's price reductions. Thankfully I have the money in my HSA to cover it, but it's still a huge blow to my savings.

I just switched jobs again, and the HDHP at the new company is $3000 ded / $5000 OOP. So for the first time I went with the most expensive insurance offered, and now have a $250 ded / $1200 OOP with co-pays on most services. The expensive insurance is about $160 a pay period, vs $60 for the HDHP. But I feel relieved knowing that I can go to the doctor, urgent care, or hospital now and not have to worry so much about whatever type of ridiculous bill they want to charge.

It's a really frustrating system we live in, where the medical industrial complex (which includes insurance, pharma, and yes… providers too) has everyone under their thumb. People talk about high healthcare costs in America… well, what you call a cost, these people call "revenue". Just another scam to go along with military spending, education, and all the others. What a joke of a country.

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