UHC not paying for things they pre approved

United health care tries to get out of paying everything. When I had fillings for cavities a few years ago it was pre approved and I paid the rest out of pocket the day of the procedure. Then months later I get papers from my dentist telling me I need to pay for those fillings because my insurance didn’t. A while later I go to the orthodontist to get braces and they get pre approved meaning I would be paying half the price, months later after treatment has already begun and I’ve made several payments, the insurance says they’re paying nothing and I’m paying full price. I just got my wisdom teeth and premolars taken out for orthodontic reasons a couple months ago and once again the procedure was pre approved, I paid several thousand as the remainder the day of the procedure and now the insurance is paying nothing. The first time it happened I thought maybe I was being screwed over by a crappy dentist but now I see it doesn’t matter where I go or what procedure I need done, UHC will always find a way out of it.

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