Hospital bills coming in for deceased wife

I put this under claims providers. Hope that’s the right flair.

My wife passed away about two weeks ago. My marketplace insurance AetnaCVSHealth in Texas has started paying some of the bills. Even though she went to out of network hospital, they are paying. I have a few questions because we never had a major hospital stay or emergency room event. Unfortunately she could not be saved.🥹😔

As I look on insurance website I noticed they show what the hospital billed and they are paying a lot less. Out of $30,000 so far they say I owe a $100 for the flat rate emergency room visit.

I guess my question is, who do I pay the $100 to?

Then will the hospital come after me for the difference in the amount paid by the insurance?

I got the ER doctor bill in mail and went online to add the insurance for him. I’m assuming they will pay him less as well??

I’m waiting for ambulance bill from the Houston Fire Department. I’m wondering if that will be covered???

Not sure if her being deceased changes anything.

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