Need major help finding the right coverage

Need a plan for family of 6.

Wife and I impulsively canceled Medicaid thinking they’d look back and charge us for the birth of our second set of twins and biologics we’re prescribed, plus some of our first son’s expensive equipment he needs for his cerebral palsy. We received a very large inheritance and failed to report any of it within the 10 day period. It’s been several months.

We received a letter about the Medicaid cancellation and that the case was closed. Our insurance agent told us we probably would have been fine and shouldn’t have canceled. So we reapplied a few weeks ago. We’re unemployed at the moment and have no income other than the one time inheritance this year.

In the mean time we bought a crappy health insurance plan. We didn’t know it was so bad it didn’t even cover our son’s next physical therapy appointment or anything related to his condition. We applied for RXsavngs on the biologics. The seller on the market place said just enroll in the RXsavings plan and it’ll cut our cost from $11,000 per month to $70 per month for the biologics. So we enrolled.

But frankly I don’t know what to believe anymore. I’ll be shopping around again. A new agent said we’ll be paying thousands monthly most likely. And to get the biologics covered, Humira and Benlysta, the agent basically explained we’ll have to write some kind of sob letter to the insurance and beg them to cover those.

Help please.

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