Hospital indemnity plan for uninsured husband?

My husbands job does not offer medical insurance. My job does but we cannot afford the monthly premium with him added (it’s $1700 a month for the crappiest plan, but for just my son and I it’s $500)

We looked at getting him a plan through covered California, but could only (barely) afford a high deductible plan..which is almost pointless to have because it’s so expensive and they only cover after meeting a $7500 deductible..unless my husband ends up having a hugely expensive hospital stay, but for all other medical costs it would be more cost effective for him to just save a few hundred dollars a month and use that to pay the tax penalty and for any doctors visits or prescriptions he may have. He is 43 and a smoker but otherwise healthy.

My job does offer hospital indemnity coverage for an affordable amount so I was thinking I could have him on that in case he is hospitalized, but in the description it says “Provides a benefit if you or a family member have a covered hospital stay.”

How does this work? Does he have to have his stay covered by insurance first before the hospital indemnity will pay?

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