Hospital insisting in owe even though Eob says I don’t

I have an EOB from my insurance saying I don’t owe but the hospital is trying to charge me the full amount the insurance says I do not owe. I am confused.

Explanation of Benefits Statement This is not a bill. Do not pay. This is to notify you that we processed your claim.

Claims Summary Detailed claim information is located on the following page(s).

Dollar Amount Description

Amount Billed $2,063.00 The amount your provider charged for services provided to you.

Amount You Do Not Owe $2,063.00 You do not owe this amount because either (1) you chose a network provider that gives us a standing discount, (2) you chose an out-of-network provider that agreed to an amount less than billed, or (3) it is a surprise bill and the law protects you from having to pay it.

Your Plan Paid $0.00 The money your health benefit plan paid.

Total amount you owe the provider(s) The portion of the Amount Billed you owe the provider(s). This amount does not reflect any $0.00) payment you may have already made at the time you received care. This amount may include your deductible, copay, coinsurance and/or non covered charges. This amount does not include any payments made to the subscriber*. If a payment was made directly to the subscriber, you/the subscriber is responsible for paying the physician, facility or other health care professional.

When coordination of benefits applies, this amount will include payments made to the subscriber.

Yet, Hospital says I owe $2063

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