Bidding adieu to your old insurance, King Price style

Bidding adieu to your old insurance, King Price style

Insurance is like your trusty umbrella on a rainy day… Always there, even if you don’t use it. But what if your umbrella was more of a money drainer than a rain saver? Time to ditch the old and switch to King Price, your new insurance umbrella! Here’s a step-by-step comedic tour of how to pull off this fantastic feat:

Step 1: Ring-a-ding-ding

Get those fingers working and dial up your current insurer. Have your ID or policy number handy, just in case they don’t recognise your voice from your countless previous calls about your premium hikes.

Step 2: Break the news

Make their day by declaring your intent to cancel. Yes, like a reality show eviction, it’s time to tell them, ‘You’re fired!’

Step 3: ‘Weather’ the inquisition

Like a nosy neighbour, they’ll ask why you’re leaving. Brace yourself for the awkward questions.

Step 4: Drop the King Price bomb

Then reveal your ace… The irresistible King Price has wooed you! Cue the gasps.

Step 5: The money talks

As they reel, they’ll probably mumble about whether King Price offered a cheaper rate. To which you chuckle, ‘Oh, it gets better.’

Step 6: Unveil the magic

Confirm that King Price didn’t just offer a better rate but also extraordinary benefits, like R1 insurance. Now, that’s a trick David Copperfield would be proud of!

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Step 7: The price prying

They might ask about King Price’s magic number. But hey, a magician never reveals their secrets, right?

Step 8: The silent treatment

You’re under no obligation to spill the beans about your new premium. After all, they won’t be able to whip out a magical premium trick.

Step 9: The exit strategy

Like a seasoned chess player, announce your next move… The cancellation date. Make it a day before your King Price policy begins, ensuring your protection never skips a beat.

Step 10: The royal send-off

End the call with a victorious smile. You’ve played your hand brilliantly and are now ready to join the King Price kingdom!

It’s time to stop letting your old insurance rain on your parade and step into the sunshine of royal service with King Price. Who said insurance couldn’t be fun?

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Bidding adieu to your old insurance, King Price style


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