How does deductible work? What plan should i go with?

Im 24 and really confused. Its my first time on my own work insurance, i work midnights so the office people barely know i exsist for me to ask these questions.

The provider is blue cross or blue care network. Plans are not super expensive for just me. I am confused about deductible, is that what i have to pay out of pocket before it starts covering medication? I am prescribed vyvanse and its pretty expensive. My current insurance under my mom is UHC and we havent reached our deductible of like over 3k and they havent covered my meds at all. Also my psych doesnt take insurance so i dont think shes in network but i like her a lot. Is it worth trying to find one in network so the prescription is cheaper? Since i have meds i already take would it be easy to transfer them to a in network doctor?

The different plans are 1,600 ppo hsa (bcbs) and 2,000 pos (bcn) what would work for a single person who goes to mainly specialists? (Derm and psych)

Im sorry if this makes no sense i dont understand it enough to phrase it accordingly. I will try and make the meeting but its at 10am next week and i get out at 7am so thats kind of shitty to us who work nights.

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