Labor and delivery with dual coverage?

My wife is currently pregnant and due in early summer 2024. I am curious if it makes sense to pursue dual coverage for her, which would be pretty cheap in our case. For reference, we are located in Washington state.

Both my wife and I are covered by employer provided PPO plans. Hers is administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. From what I can tell, she would be obligated to pay 15% coinsurance (no deductible) for inpatient and outpatient care or services. Office visits are $20-$30 copay (no deductible). Her calendar year out-of-pocket max is $4,000.

I have the option of adding my wife to the plan provided by my employer. I assume that is what is meant by dual coverage. The cost to me would be $75/month. My plan carrier is Premera Blue Cross. I have a $40 copay for office visits. For other professional services (including maternity) and inpatient at a hospital, my deductible applies then I pay 20%. Annual deductible is $5,000 individual/$10,000 family. Annual out-of-pocket max is $8,000 individual/$16,000 family.

At a quick glance, is there a financial benefit to paying $75/month for my wife to have dual coverage? I am not great at interpreting insurance coverages.

Edit: General area is Seattle/Tacoma. My wife and I are mid-30’s.

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