How does dual insurance work with deductibles.

My primary insurance has $1800 deductible and secondary insurance had $500 deductible.

I have a lot of expected medical bills coming in so I want to estimate my out of pocket costs.

Both insurances cover 80% after deductible has been met then I would have to pay the remaining 20%.

Do these scenarios make sence? If not, then which one is correct?

Scenario A: Bill is $2000, it goes to Primary insurance, meets $1800 deductible so primary insurance covers 80% of the $200 (amount remaining after deductible has been met) and then I am left with 20% to cover, so $40. That $40 would then be sent to secondary insurance and they would cover 80% after deductible has been met. If the deductible is not met on secondary insurance then I will be responsible for that $40. So my total out if pocket would be $1840.

Scenario B: Bill is $1500 so it does not meet $1800 deductible of Primary insurance so it is sent to Secondary insurance. The deductible of the secondary insurance which is $500 has been met so then they will cover 80% of the $1000 (amount remaining after deductible has been met). So then I would be left to cover the remaining 20% so $200. So my total out of pocket would be $700.

I am going to see an endocrinologist and they were able to give me the CPT codes but cannot give me an estimate of the cost. I spoke to insurance and they tried to give me an estimate using the CPT codes but they were not sure if the prices were accurate because the endocrinologist may include other billing information. Also everytime I called the endocrinologists it had to go through a hospital who transferred me to scheduling who then left a message for the endocrinologist's assistant. They have no direct number. Does this mean that it is considered in patient or out patient care? What hospital department can help me get estimates if not for billing? I have united health care insurance, is there anywhere on their website that I can put in the CPT code to get the estimate?

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Also finally, with dual insurance would deductible count towards both insurances? So if a bill does not meet the $1800 deductible and goes to secondary insurance would it count towards both?

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