Open enrollment is happening for my wive’s company and we are comparing plans right. Currently in the HSA plan I am going to describe below but curious is you think this best suits us. Best 2 options:

HSA – premium per pp: $153 – deductible: $3,400 – coninsurance: 85% – OOP Max: $7,500 – employer HSA contributions: $1,200

Co Pay Plan – premium per pp: $153 – deductible: $2,500 – coninsurance: 85% – OOP Max: $6,400

We have 3 kids and signed up for HSA (and maxed it out) this year because we were having kid #3 so I knew our medical expenses would be sky high. These plans seem so close to me that it’s making it very hard to decide which plan to continue with. I like having the HSA but funding it this year has our budget thin (forced scarcity, maxing out 401k, HSA and Roth – we are fine but having to live frugally because of this). My plan was to keep our OOP max in cash within the HSA and then start investing the contributions starting in 2024.

We have 3 kids 4 and under, so we will certainly have plenty of doctor visits. All kids are healthy now so no big medical expenses on the horizon but go to the pediatrician OFTEN.

Anyone care to help me wade through the nuances here and help me make a decision? Thanks!

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