Hi there. Hopefully I can make this concise but knowing me, it’s unlikely.

I have a backlog of medical bills that need adjusting and it goes back about a year amongst different offices.

I had cobra for two months. I spent hours and hours on the phones with the different companies and cobra trying to get all of my claims paid for correctly. I eventually gave up and they are still wrong. It’s frustrating that the offices just set everything to uninsured so some of it is in collections. The fact that so much of it isn’t fixed after spending so long going between offices and my HR for cobra, I’m exhausted and I don’t know what to do with it anymore. Everything being done over the phone makes it all worse.

The secondary part of my issue is my current insurance. My insurance is through my union and has nothing to do with my company. I also can’t actually contact my health plans. My plans just tell me to contact my union. I feel like my bills are so astronomical and it isn’t very detailed. Apparently I pay a lot in coinsurance, but I don’t get how I’m supposed to afford 200-300$$ every visit just for my coinsurance.

My manager is overwhelmed by it too and she asked if I could get a caseworker or something similar but I genuinely don’t know where to turn. Especially because even when I call and call, it doesn’t get done correctly. Trying to get all the dates corresponded, the account numbers, figure out what might be billed wrong. What do I do? I’m in so deep now. I’m scared I’ll be sued.

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