BCBS Advantage Plus Silver 695 – POS

I am quitting my job due to my autoimmune disorders and have been trying to plan ahead as far as insurance to help with costs of my medical bills and prescriptions. The plan I have landed on is $126 premium, zero deductible, in network with my doctor, covers all of my prescriptions, and has a max out of pocket of $2,300. $50 regular visits, $70 specialty visits, and 30% on labs and imaging. My estimates with my visits and medications would have me meeting the max out of pocket by April or May of this next year. My husband is not offered family insurance through his job and my insurance I currently have will be discontinued when I leave my job. Has anyone had any experience with this plan or is there any downsides to it? Being chronically ill has me horrified to make this change but I have been struggling terribly for the last year to keep working and it’s not sustainable for me or my family anymore. I am just wondering if there is anything I am missing or not considering before I commit to this plan.

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