I am health insurance illiterate. Can someone help me understand MassHealth/Health Connector?

Question 1:

My wife and I were both jobless during covid, we already had 1 child. we were all on masshealth. eventually I got a job, got ESI, stayed on masshealth because i guess people were not being removed under some covid rule. mass health was to be a secondary insurance. great. we had another child, everything is well, then apparently my wife and I lose masshealth due to income, but the children can stay on? can someone explain this to me? does this sound right? should I change my ESI plan from 3+ people to 2?

Question 2:

So, I have ESI. Plainly put, it is expensive as crap. the plan costs me ~$600 a month, and I am paying $160 monthly for a prescription on top of that now that masshealth has dropped my wife and I. My out of pocket maximum is the state maximum by law, because the policy's maximum is actually higher. I am wondering what my options are. could I drop my ESI and pay for some other plan somewhere else that might be cheaper? or better coverage?

Can someone explain the difference between mass health, connector care, and health connector? Do i qualify for any of them with an ESI health plan offered? are these all income based programs? are there other programs? When we were jobless, this was simple. Now this gets very involved and I am lost, but hoping if I can save some money some how.

Edit: family of 4, currently 100-110k/yr gross.

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