I have US Health Group by National Foundation Life Insurance Company, and need wrist surgery. Scary reviews!

It’s not Halloween yet, but I just got a good spook. The situation is that I have a torn ligament in my wrist, need surgery, but I have USHG “insurance” and just read some scary reviews. Last year I (M:25) was booted off my parents insurance due to their financial insufficiencies. Applied for health insurance for the first time on the Marketplace, immediately got a call from a USHG rep, was skeptical, did a medium amount of research (kicking myself now) and read the brochures, but must have searched the wrong line because I found nothing bad about them and decided to move forward with their plan. I was ignorant.

The reviews I just read basically say that they will drop you when you file a claim. I’m in need of a wrist surgery and don’t really want to run the risk of getting surgery, then filing a claim, them dropping me, and getting stuck with a fatty bill. So I’m at this cross road where open enrollment doesn’t start until November and coverage does not start until the new year. Luckily I can still live a decent life with the current condition of my wrist, but it is very inconvenient. So, I am asking you all if there is a 3rd route. Does any one have good temporary insurance that I could switch into? I know that a lot of temporary protection is absolute garbage and I don’t want to repeat my mistakes. Any non-profits or any other routes to look into would be awesome!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thanks to any feedback in advance!

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