15 Business Schools Whose Grads Earn the Most

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Business can be a lucrative field of study, and an undergraduate business degree can lead to a high-paying career. With that in mind, undergraduates looking to major in business must choose their college wisely.

Newly released data from PayScale shows business schools whose alumni go on to earn high salaries and have successful careers.

PayScale defines a “business school” as a college that grants more than half of its undergraduate degrees in business, accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, human resources management, management information systems and marketing, based on data reported to the U.S. Department of Education.


This ranking focuses on schools with strong business programs, not just schools that offer business programs exclusively. Whereas many other colleges offer undergraduate business majors, PayScale’s list focuses on schools the majority of whose alumni graduate with a degree in a business-related field.

The median salaries presented are for graduates of these schools with business-related majors, not of the schools as a whole, and comprise students who earned only a bachelor’s degree.

See the gallery for the 15 business schools that turn out graduates who earn the most, ranked by mid-career salaries, according to PayScale.

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