Work for small/mid sized company. They’re partnering with a company called PeopleKeep to provide individual insurance. The way the ICHRA works, is we (employee) signs up for a plan on the marketplace, upload documentation to People Keep, then PeopleKeep tells my employer that I can get reimbursed for the premium.

Now this option sounds great for me b/c before this it was just a cost-sharing option with an HSA. And I need to see a doc more often, so it doesn’t really work for me.

My issue is with this company called PeopleKeep. I did some google searches to see what their reviews are and some are really bad b/c of software issues and lack of support.

I’m worried that if I opt to do this ICHRA plan, and for whatever reason this 3rd party company has software issues that I won’t be reimbursed for a costly premium.

Does anyone have any knowledge or first-hand experience with PeopleKeep and their process?


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