[IL] Medicaid – Broken Collar Bone, Need Referral From PCP for Orthopedic Clinic, Can’t be Seen by PCP Until October, Need to be Seen Sooner

I recently enrolled in Medicaid – I’ve never had it. I’ve always had insurance through my employer, but that’s no longer the case and my COBRA plan has lapsed. I recently went to urgent care for x-rays and they suspect I have a fractured clavicle. They gave me a referral for an Orthopedic Clinic, but that clinic doesn’t accept my insurance (because of course). I’ve called other Orthopedic clinics that accept my insurance, but they all want a referral from my PCP. My PCP can’t see me until October. They won’t provide a referral without seeing me first.

What are my options? Should I say I don’t have insurance and just find an orthopedic clinic? Should I keep calling around until I find a PCP that can see me ASAP? Should I ask the Urgent Care clinic to refer me to a different clinic?

For what it’s worth, I was hit by a car while riding my bike. It wasn’t a hit and run, but I only have his phone number and vehicle information – I don’t have his insurance or anything. I did file a police report though.

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