I’m considering Christian Healthcare Ministries, but am not a practicing Christian

So CHM is $100 cheaper than the cheapest health insurance I could find. I grew up Mormon and a lot of my Mormon friends have been using them. One had his entire cancer journey covered by them, and the other just had a baby and the expenses were covered ($500 deductible).

I’m don’t believe in God, but I can sure flip the switch if I need to talk Christian. Quote the Bible and say a little prayer if I need to.

Looking at the coverage it seems pretty decent. It doesn’t cover routine doctor visits, but I’m saving $1200 a year and I don’t really need to go to a doctor more than once a year, so that seems minimal.

I drink socially, do shrooms occasionally, and have premarital sex, which all are friction areas. I think drinking is okay, but the other two are for sure a no no.

My concern is do they actually audit my life? If I got some illness caused by any of those, sure. But outside of that I feel as if I could confidently take on this insurance and it would be the best bang for my buck.

I’m a 26 male and am active and healthy. I just want to make sure I’m not paying more money than I need to, but also I don’t want to get screwed over if it goes belly up at all.

Anyone have any experience with any of this?

Edit: oh zip code is 84043 and I do contract work and income is in between 100-150k

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