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Maybe wrong thread not sure. I had insurance through my job all of 2022. I got pregnant in March 2022. I had my baby in December 2022. None of my claims from March have been paid and won’t be paid because they were posted after 12/22. Come to find out today a lab claims processed on 12/20/22 but the same insurance denied it. How is this legal? It’s legal because my job self funds their insurance —-something a lot of people do not understand. The third party “insurance” is just the claim handler and my employer chooses what they pay and what they don’t behind the “insurance” curtain. My HR is apparently clueless to this all. So now I owe everything for my labor and delivery and my baby was not covered either and I couldn’t add him because they switched insurance. They had no stop loss so all these claims —- they are responsible for. My big question is this: I was pregnant and they can choose whose claims they pay if they decided not to pay mine but paid another non pregnant persons claims which I think they did and they had surgery is this discrimination? And why is the old insurance not paying that lab if what they are saying is true?

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