In-network doctor purposely charges patients for noncovered charges at each appointment to get more money. Forces patients to sign form agreeing to this charge in order to be seen.

Doctor says in their in-take contract form that I need to pay an additional $25 per appointment for non-covered services. This is a flat fee each time completely separate from other medical billing and is the patient's responsibility regardless of whether they have insurance or not. In order to be seen, you have to pay it and that they will send collections or sue patients if their payment method like credit card, check, etc. is rejected or charged back.

They say these charges are for business expenses such as supplies, wages, utilities, etc.

…how is this allowed? I spoke to my insurance company and the representative said they do not pay for noncovered services and to take it up with the doctor myself.

The problem is that this is a rare type of specialist. Since my insurance refuses to step in or drop them from the network, they continue to say that I have providers in my area and won't authorize me to go somewhere else instead.

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