Insurance Refusing to Cover Formula Mandated by State

Howdy! I’m stuck in a real pickle at the moment: my daughter requires elemental formula due to reflux and allergy issues, which is absurdly expensive ($20+ a day), and is actually mandated by law that health insurance covers where I live (Colorado) and where the plan is based(Washington). My insurance, a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, absolutely refuses to cover it. They’ve denied all prescriptions for it, deny me asking to be reimbursed for the stuff I’ve bought on my own, and pretty sure they’re gonna deny the appeal I’ve sent in.

This wouldn’t be a big deal if I wasn’t spending $700 a month on this stuff, plus the $200 for prescriptions that the insurance also refuses to cover. Mind you, this is a $440 a month PPO plan I have through work. So I’m currently being sucked dry from this, as those expenses are a quarter of our monthly income as it is, and I don’t know how much longer we can go without having to go into debt over this. Is there anything else I should try? Is this worth getting legal action on?

Thank you.