Kaiser vs. Blue Cross Blue Shield (California)

Apologies for this being so long:

To put it bluntly, I'm furious with my primary care doctor. She made me wait two weeks to even talk to me about a bad CT scan (enlarged organs and lymphnodes), hemmed and hawed and made it sound like it wasn't a big deal but to go in and get some blood tests and another CT in the next 2 weeks, etc.

Well, all signs point towards lymphoma (talked to a hematologist finally after pushing my primary care doc). They just have to do a biopsy. I'm just so goddamn angry because I feel like this shouldn't have taken five fucking weeks, and she should have told me to get the additional CT scan ASAP. The hematologist spent all of five minutes talking to me, too (I noted online he had shitty reviews).

I'm debating whether to switch health care insurance, or drive to L.A. for a different doctor via Kaiser (I live an hour and a half from L.A.). I'm tempted to switch to Blue Cross Blue Shield, as I have a friend who had it and went through a cancer struggle and had a really good experience at UCLA medical center.

How long would it take for Blue Cross Blue Shield to kick in? I know open enrollment starts Nov. 1st in California. If I buy it immediately, do I just…have it. Or does it take a while for the plan to kick in. For now, I'm obviously trying to arrange the biopsy as soon as possible, but after it's done….I'm tempted to switch.

The only thing keeping me calm is my age and gender suggests this is probably Hodgkins, versus Non Hodgkins, and from all I can see the survival rate is excellent.

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Side note: I pay out of pocket for my own health insurance plan via Kaiser (I work freelance, and as an adjunct, and it was just better than the health insurance offered through work). So I would pay out of pocket for my own health insurance with Blue Cross.

Thank you!

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