Title is kind of misleading because I was going to get married this year anyways. I have the most amazing and wonderful fiance. He has been the best thing to ever happen to me in my life. I have Crohn’s disease since age 6 and very busy/neglectful and emotionally abusive parents and as a result, I have PTSD which has mostly been controlled over the years. I feel kind of bad because we were planning a very small wedding later this year, but things have become untenable for me at my job and I’m desperate to quit. The job is causing me extreme anxiety and flaring my ptsd. If I quit, that leaves me and my kiddo without insurance. I just joined this sub so I apologize if there have already been a thousand of these posts. It’s just horrific to me that we talk about how Free we are when every year people are just struggling so badly with no safety net whatsoever or no insurance if you can’t work, or have a job without health insurance. If I could realistically leave the US, I would in a heartbeat. Our elected leaders are greedy and cruel, like half the population in our country that thinks this is acceptable. And so I will be getting married to my love as soon as we can.

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