Medi-cal is trying to charge me $1,200 monthly help!

As long as I (20 F) can remember, I’ve been a Kaiser member. I’ve never had any issues with my insurance. Until, nov 1, my membership with Kaiser was terminated. I called Kaiser and they told me it’s the LA health care plan people that I needed to talk to so I did. I called and they said my account was on hold because I need to pay $1,200 to Medi-cal for the hold to be removed and for Kaiser to be reinstated as my health plan. I was given absolutely no warning that that would happen. Matter of fact, Kaiser sent a paper saying I would automatically be enrolled into the new Kaiser health plan at the start of 2024 but for the rest of 2023 I would still be with LA health care. But now because my la care was “terminated” and am no longer a member that won’t be happening anymore. Now, my dad is the head of our health plans and he’s been calling and talking to Medi-cal and they’ve all told him different things but the reasons they given have been: 1. I’m 20 years old so I am now responsible for proving my own medical insurance( I’m a student with no income, family of 3 with only my mom being the provider and she works in a fast food restaurant, I currently live at school and live off Loan money and ebt, and my parents income is low which is why my EFC is 0) 2. My mom makes too much money (she used to have to pay $600 but they upped it to $1,200 even though none of our financials have changed and she makes less than what they want to charge us both for in a month).

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So I guess, what should I do? I need my medical insurance for on going health problems but don’t have the money to pay just to be able to go to the doctor let alone be able to pay for actual services. Who should I talk to or what should I do??