Heya everyone! I just found this sun and truthfully definitely hope it can help. I’ve had many questions after being on my own insurance at 27(previously a foster kid)

So after some time I’ve finally decided to get my mental health right. So far everything has been superb. Until I went to a psychiatrist to have my ADD/ADHD eval. The eval went well, she prescribed me medication for it (dextroamphet salts combo 20mg IR) she said that I may need to dose 2x daily which ended up being the case.

But where I have a question is The prescription is a tad more than I expected 40$ for 30ct/month. Now this will double when we submit the instructions/prescription.

Is there a way to talk/explain to my insurance company that helps them cover more? I wasn’t sure if there’s exceptions

I have to admit wholeheartedly my brain/mental health in the past 2-4 weeks have been great. Focus, studious, my anxiety has virtually disappeared. I can function.


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